view​\​hider [demo]

from by m.d. edwards

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Music and lyrics written and recorded by m.d. edwards in 1 day, on May 11th, 2015. This is a demo version self-recorded on GarageBand. This song will be re-recorded for the proper, studio album entitled "phase\transition", due late 2015.


People get stuck in ruts and they start to give up
They say 'enough is enough' but then adjust and just feel hopeless
Well I'm hopeless too we could commiserate in low tones
And in dark cafes and back rooms and on inebriated patios
And I'll say it on your stereo, and even if it's very low
It could carry you backwards in time to when you were fairly old
And you were lost and hidden in plain view

Sadness is a virtue here and smiles are eccentric
Upsetting minds of their own time just like when Dylan went electric
But the times they are a changin' and we're just waitin' for new calendars
And throwin' out our watches for when aeons become hours
And yet nothing ever comes of it though you can say it isn't so
We must be drowning now in latency - what we hear has already been spoken
Now we're lost and hidden in plain view

Here's a little trick I do and not like it's anything new
I take some words of my own choosing and I set them to a time and tune,
And I write a little song for you, It isn't very hard to do
The trick is not to think too much, the words will simply come to you
What a sad little antenna, you see, the signal's coming through
But the reception, it is fuzzy, and you've got to strain to see the view
It might get lost and hidden in plain view

And I was thinking these thoughts but I didn't own my own views
So I wondered who else might be out there maybe thinking them too
I had a golden touch and I was king of the fools
I guess the joke was on me but I was laughing at you
There were plenty of fish out there, but I was drowning and consumed in isolation in my in-ground temperature-adjusted swimming pool
Now I'm plugging in this microphone and building beats like backbones
And wiring up the circuitry while my kingdom is in overthrow
Whose crown is now too weary on this preposterous throne? Who now is lost and alone, nothing but Midas and his gold?
Are you lost and hidden in plain view?


from phase​\​transition [demo], released May 12, 2015
m.d. edwards - music and lyrics, vocals, keyboard, SP-404 sample machine, DigiTech whammy pedal, DigiTech JamMan loop-station, rotary phone microphone (home-made).



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M.D. Edwards

M.D. Edwards is a singer-songwriter originally based out of Kitchener, Ontario, Canada, and currently living on the road throughout North America.

His debut LP, 'Walk Through Paint', was released in May 2012 on 12"vinyl and iTunes; and his second LP, 'Empty Head Words', was released on CD in November 2013, and will be available on iTunes soon.
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